Three Kings Parade

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Three Kings Nerja

Three Kings Parades in the Axarquia 4-6 January 2019.

The Three Kings parades celebrates the Dia de Reyes on the 6th of January. Spanish children traditionally get their presents from these Three Wise Men on the 6th January rather than from Santa. Parades are held on the 5th and 6th. The Kings throw a generous amount of sweets from their floats to the eager crowds.  Here’s a list of published dates for the Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos…

Friday 4th January

Rio Bermuza

Parade plus hot chocolate and the Three King’s cake at 5:00 pm

Rio Bermuza

Saturday 5th January

Three Kings Alcaucin


Starts from 3 pm until 7:30 through the streets of the pueblo. After which you can enjoy traditional Three King’s cake and hot chocolate at the Centro de Art y Dessarollo Popular. The kings will then give gifts to the children. There will also be a bouncy castle at Calle Alta No. 2 as well as some snow!!


From Plaza de la Constitución from 6 pm



Through the streets of Mezquitilla, Algarrobo Costa and Trayamar from 4:00 pm.



Starting from the colegio at 5:30 pm


From 5:00 pm at the town hall. With Three King’s Cake and Chocolate, and the distribution of presents at the end of the procession at the Pista Cubierta del Colegio.


Canillas de Albaida

From the llano de la Fuente from 7:00 pm


From 6:00 pm.


La Caleta

Advertised as a ‘Cabalgata Marinera’ a seafaring cavalcade-  from 4:30 pm at Lonja del Puerto through calle Don Faustino, Avenida Andalucía in the direction of Algarrobo, turning down calle Real, Calle Las Casillas, Avenida Andalucía and arriving at Colonia del Puerto III. At the end of the parade there will be a ‘Roscón’ cake for everyone, chocolate, and the kings will distribute gifts to the children.


4:00 pm from Plaza de la Iglesia, will take the route of Calle Real, Plaza del Ingenio, Calle San Sebastián, Plaza Amparo Guerrero, Paseo Ramón Castilla and ending on the Plaza de las 3 Culturas


Mezquitilla y Lagos

From 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm including the Three King’s cake and chocolate. Parade starts from the river and ends at the Mayor’s office.

Three Kings Nerja


4:00 pm: The arrival of the Kings at the Arcos del Balcón de Europa.

5:00 pm:  The kings are received at the ‘Iglesia de El Salvador’

5:30 pm: Parade of the Three Kings : starting from the Parque Verano Azul to Calle Jaén, calle Diputación, Granada, San Miguel, Plaza Cantareror, Pintada, Puerta del Mar, Balcón de Europa, finishing on Plaza Cavana.

8:00 pm: Adoration of the KIngs at the Balcon de Europa

8:45 pm: The Kings on the Balcony of the town hall where they recieve the magic key that opens the doors of the houses of Nerja’s children. One child, who represents the children of Nerja, will address a few words to their majesties before they distribute their gifts. 

9:00 pm: The departure of the kings


From the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at 4:30 pm

Rincon de la Victoria

Reception of the Kings at the Salón de Plenos at 12:00. Parade starts at 4:00 pm from Los Rubios finishing at Cala del Moral. With 5 floats, a train and 2 convertible buses. 


Parade from 6 pm.

Torre del Mar

With 11 floats from 5 pm at the Tenecia de Alcaldía. Six tons of sweets will be distributed! The parade’s route is avenida de Colón, calle Rodrigo Vivar, Octavio López, Paseo Marítimo de Levante, Paseo de Larios, calle San Martín, calle Ros Alférez, Virgen de las Angustias, calle del Mar, Paseo Marítimo de Poniente until the roundabout of avenida Antonio Toré – Toré. From there it will depart to avenida de Andalucía, calle Princesa and end on the plaza de la Paz, where there will be a living nativity scene.


Torrox: At 5:00 pm. With 5 floats. The parade will start at El Morche, the route going through La Corrida de Frutos González  (N-340), Paseo Marítmo El Morche (N-340) and Generación 27 and the Avenida El Faro and will later climb to Torrox Pueblo, Calle Aledina, Las Moreras and onto the Plaza de la Constitución.

Velez Malaga

The Three Kings Parade starts from 11.00 am with a reception of the Kings on the Plaza de las Carmelitas, at 1:00 pm they visit the Residencia Seniors; 1.30 they visit the Hospital Comarcal de la Axarquia; 6 pm, the official  parade from the Plaza de las India; at 9 pm they arrive at the Plaza de las Carmelitas.

Sunday 6th January 

Algarrobo Pueblo

11:30 am. The streets of Algarrobo.


From 12:00 from the Mayor’s building and following the route of C/ Halcón, C/ Colirojo, C/ Francisco Merino Ramírez, C/ Oropendola, C/ Campo de la Iglesia, N-340, direction to Almería until the roundabout of La Sirena, direction to Cádiz, until C/ Campo de la Iglesia, Camino de la Iglesia and back to Mayor’s building.


Streets of Maro from midday with presents delivered on the Plaza de la Iglesia.


From 4:00 pm. From instalaciones Trops to new roundabout to Poeta García Valverde, ending at Mayor’s building.


5:30 pm Parade starting from el Café Teatro. From Arroyo Monedas, down to stream and onto Crta. towards Vélez until the entrace to the Pueblo and back to Crta. de Benamargosa, ending at C/ Estudiantes, and Mayor’s building.

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