Music Festival in Rincon’s Treasure Cave

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Festival de Música Cueva del Tesoro

It’s not just near Nerja where you can see a concert in a cave, there’s another subterranean venue in the east of Málaga – the Cueva del Tesoro near Rincón de la Victoria!

There’s a treasure of talent appearing in the five concerts put on by Rincon’s council during November. The festival is a series of jazz concerts featuring acclaimed Andalucian musicians, (photo above is of the Raquel Pelayo Quartet), largely taking place in the caves, all of which are free admission to the public.

Do bear in mind though, that the cave is not as large as Nerja’s, and can only accommodate 80 people at a time.

Usually, Rincón has held it’s cave festival in the summer, but this year it has decided to combine it with its November music festival. The Noviembre Musical has always been a much anticipated event in the region, and in its new venue it will sure to become even more popular. 

The only date that will not be held in the Tesoro cave is the last, on the 23rd, which features the local municipal band in the Nuestra Señora del Rosario church in La Cala del Moral.

The calendar of concerts is as follows:

Friday, November 9th: José Carra Trío. Cueva del Tesoro. Starts at 8:00 pm

Saturday, November 10th: Raquel Pelayo Quartet. Cueva del TesoroStarts at 8:00 pm

Friday, November 16th: Sinoidal Ensemble. Cueva del TesoroStarts at 8:00 pm

Saturday, November 17th: Kiko Aguado and Dirk Van Halewyck. Cueva del TesoroStarts at 8:00 pm

Friday, November 23rd: Concert in honour of Santa Cecilia. Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (La Cala del Moral). Starts at 9:00 pm



The Cultural department at Rincon’s council have responded to a few of the questions I put to them:

– As there is a capacity for only 80 people in the cave, those wishing to attend the concert should get there in good time before it starts.

– Disabled people can access the cave because there is an elevator that will take them to the chamber where the concert is taking place.

– For those wanting more details should telephone 95 150 1092 in the morning, or 95 240 6162 in the afternoon.

The Cueva del Tesoro

Geological wonder

Some east of Málaga residents may be unfamiliar with Rincón de la Victoria’s cave, which is every bit of a geological wonder as the Cuevas de Nerja.

The Cueva del Tesoro is one of only three ‘visitor friendly’ caves of marine origin known in the world. Its passages and galleries were formed over thousands of years by the action of water, just like caves found inland, except it was under the ocean at the time. Over time though, this once submarine cave  became exposed as the Mediterranean sea level dropped. 

…and treasure cave!

While it has also been of great historical interest thanks to the discovery of cave paintings and ceramics belonging to the stone age, it is in connection with the Moorish period that the cave is mostly known.

This is due to the legend of treasure hidden in one of its grottos during this time. Apparently, it was hidden by the 12th century Almoravid king, Tashfin ibn Ali, but has never never found. However, a small oil lamp and gold coins have been found in one of the upper areas of the cave, which has further fuelled the legend about the treasure.

Now you can treasure some wonderful jazz in the caves!

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