Welcome to the eastern Costa del Sol!

To many people, Andalucía and the Costa del Sol, one of the most popular destinations in the world, epitomise Spain. Hot sunny days, flamenco music, fiestas, celebrated with earthy wines wine and tasty tapas. Few places in Europe provoke such strong imagery as Spain's southernmost province...

The east of Málaga - which is effectively the eastern half of the Costa del Sol - offers all this and more. That's what this website's all about!

The Axarquia

La Axarquía is the Spanish name for the eastern Málaga region, stretching from the outskirts of Málaga city to the province's eastern most town, Nerja. Its name originates from the Arabic word for the east, ‘sharquiyya’.
Eastern Málaga, or La Axarquía, has always been a hidden jewel on the Costa del Sol, the ideal location for those looking for the ‘real’ Spain.

Use the link below to start exploring its beautiful villages.

A melting pot of cultures

Perhaps it is the many different people down the centuries that have settled in this area that has given the east of Málaga such a strong, and individual identity - a melting pot of cultures.
At the southern most point of Europe, facing the shores of Africa, this region has a distinct history from the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. Hence you will find that many of the places you can visit have an interesting mix of cultures from Phoenician to Roman to Moorish to more recent Spanish.

Follow the link below to start exploring some of the sights.

Culture and the 'real Spain'

The Axarquían countryside is characterised by imposing, angular mountain ranges that contrast with verdant river valleys. In this dramatic terrain ancient pueblos nestle; they are always worth a visit, either to drink in the culture – or the local vino!
Here you can find what is often called the ‘real Spain’ where mules are still used as a means of transport, goat herders still meander by, and the villagers still celebrate traditional local fiestas which are full of colour and vibrancy.

Follow the link below to discover some of the fabulous festivals and fiestas that take place throughout the Axarquian year...

Málaga cuisine

The eastern Málaga region has been inhabited for more than 200,000 years and many different peoples have come here over the millennia leaving traces of their culture behind them.
Many came for the rich, fertile soil and the centuries old tradition of agriculture continues. The Axarquía is dotted with vineyards, olive groves, almond trees and bountiful vegetable gardens. This rich and varied agriculture and melting pot of cultures has greatly influenced the cuisine of the Axarquia.

To find out more about the delicious food you can expect to be served at Málaga's bars, cafes and restaurants, follow the link below.

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