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A real mountain village on the Costa del Sol

Like it’s neighbour, Alfarnate, Alfarnatejo is a village in the north of the Axarquía region, east of Malaga. Surrounded by a dramatic mountainous landscape with some peaks as high as 1637 metres, Alfarnatejo is one of the highest villages in the Axarquía region, and so has a real mountain village feel to it. This also means that for a village on the often fiercely hot Costa del Sol, it enjoys a far milder climate than many of the villages on the coast. Moreover, this mountainous landscape has allowed for a higher rainfall than most of the Axarquía region, giving the countryside around Alfarnatejo a lush green feel.

On this page you’ll find plenty of information to help start plan your trip to this charming old Moorish village.

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Also worth checking out is our handy guide which links not only to all of our Alfarnatejo pages, but to all of the fascinating places to visit here. Further on, you’ll find a map guide of the Axarquia with links to all the interesting places to visit both in Alfarnatejo, and the surrounding villages.

A hikers and trekkers favourite

Alfarnatejo and its neighbour Alfarnate, are in an area known as the ‘Pyrenees of the South’, especially given the nearby mountain peaks of the Tajos del Sabar – the Doña Ana, the Alto de Fraile and the Tajo de Gomer – some of the most breathtaking in the Málaga province. This, as well as its spectacular gorges, has made the countryside surrounding Alfarnatejo very popular with hikers, sightseers and trekkers.

The municipality of Alfarnatejo is situated in the the northwest of the Axarquía approximately 50 km from the city of Málaga, and 42 km inland from Torre del Mar. It is a small village with a population of approximately 500 residents. Though its houses are typically simple, its streets are wider than usual for Axarquia.

For a village on the Costa del Sol, Alfarnatejo enjoys a far more temperate climate than many others. It is about 858 metres above sea-level, an altitude that brings its average annual temperature down to 13 degrees centigrade. The surrounding mountains probably help in regards to the amount of rain and therefore the area is well irrigated, and not at all parched looking. The river Sabar crosses the municipality and there are several streams that irrigate the lands. The main source is that of the Teja, which supplies water to the village. Most surprising of all, due to its altitude, Alfarnatejo can get a covering in snow during some winters.

This fertile area is predominantly given over to agriculture, still its biggest income. One crop it excels in growing is chickpeas (garbanzos). In fact it is claimed they are the best in the province of Málaga, and so it isn’t surprising that the most famous dish in Alfarnatejo – gazpacho – is cooked with them!

It is said that though Alfarnate and Alfarnatejo are just a few kilometres apart there is quite fierce competition between them, no doubt as a result of them being linked until the 18th century, when they became separate municipalities.

But both communities share an unusual legend that is derived from their respective nicknames, ‘los palancos’ (the lever-bearers) from Alfarnate, and ‘los tejones’ (the badgers) from Alfarnatejo, (with the animal pictured on the village’s official coat of arms, on the left). More about that in our Alfarnatejo history section.

In fact, the rivalry got to the point that in the past that marriage was frowned on between the communities! Moreover, it is said that while Alfarnate leans to the left politically, Alfarnatejo has always been staunchly to the right. Ironically, it was one of Alfarnatejo’s mayors that came foul of Franco’s fascist regime. You can read more about that in the history section.

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Alfarnatejo is a great base for exploring all of the Axarquía. From beautiful beaches, stunning countryside, pretty little villages, and a wealth of things to do, it has something for everyone – take a look below at all the places you can visit!

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