Spectacular mountain scenery


A real mountain village feel

Like it's neighbour, Alfarnate, Alfarnatejo is one of the highest villages in the Axarquía region, and has a real mountain village feel to it. In fact they are in in an area known as the ‘Pyrenees of the South’, especially with the nearby mountain peaks of the Tajos del Sabar, called the Doña Ana, the Alto de Fraile and the Tajo de Gomer - some of the most breathtaking in the Málaga province.

However, this mountainous landscape has allowed for a higher rainfall than most of the Axarquía region, giving the countryside around Alfarnatejo a lush green feel. This, as well as its high mountains and spectacular gorges, has made the countryside surrounding Alfarnatejo very popular with walkers and trekkers.

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